ANNA Money

ANNA Money

Accelerating The Growth Of Active Business Accounts For ANNA

ANNA which stands for ‘Absolutely No Nonsense Admin’ is a fintech business bank account with a difference. It’s 100% mobile, can be opened via the iOS or Android app in minutes, and once set up automatically handles everything from your expenses, to your taxes - it even sends and chases up invoices on your behalf!

ANNA appointed Growthcurve as their Growth Marketing agency to scale up their User Acquisition activity in the UK market. We currently handle all of ANNA’s Paid Social Performance Marketing across Facebook and Instagram, App Store Optimisation across the App Store and Google Play, Apple Search Ads and the Creative Production of all Video Ads.

The Business Banking market in the UK is highly competitive and traditional high street banks are not willing to lose ground to fintech challengers without a fight. To grow ANNA’s customer base Growthcurve had to develop a sophisticated digital strategy that could outmaneuver the incumbent banks as well as more agile fintechs competitors - driving a small but high-value audience of business owners to switch to ANNA or open the first account for their new business venture with ANNA.

The success we’ve achieved for ANNA has been due to a rigorous programme of experimentation and optimisation across each of the channels we manage made possible by the robust analytics and attribution architecture we established early on. On any given day we are running some form of testing to uncover opportunities to incrementally improve campaign performance. All of our campaigns are optimised for valuable downstream customer behaviour such as Debit Card orders, instead of vanity metrics like banking app installs and we have hyper granular visibility of exactly what is driving ROI, right down to the individual ad creative level.

Each month we produce fresh video, static and interactive ads to fuel campaigns, with unique versions for each of the audience segments we’ve identified, in multiple variants for each key stage in the customer sales cycle. We leverage ANNA’s quirky and tongue-in-cheek brand tone of voice and lighthearted visual identity to communicate complex business banking information in simple bite-sized chunks - telling the story of what makes ANNA the best choice for business banking in a fun and relatable way.